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You’re Worth it Campaign

I started the you’re worth it campaign three years ago when I just felt that God was calling me to bless women of the treasure Valley.

Growing up my mom always took me to women shelters or soup kitchens to help serve our community. When I started The Pamper Corner I really wanted to make an impact in my community here in the Treasure Valley. So three years ago I decided to make Christmas boxes for women in our local shelters. I know as a woman and as a mom I can be a better version of me when I feel uplifted, empowered, and special. So I really wanted to make the Christmas season special for these women in shelters.

Usually shelters get a lot of donations for things that they need. But I didn’t want to do that, I wanted these women to get things that they wanted. Everyone needs new underwear or socks. Don’t get me wrong those are super important! But what about the things that we really want but we can’t afford or we know we shouldn’t splurge on? Those are the things that I wanted to put in these Christmas boxes for these women.

So I reached out to a bunch of local businesses and everyone loved my idea. I got tons of support from small businesses to some of my amazing customers that I’ve purchased Perfectly Posh from me. This campaign has grown so much in the past three years that I now have people reaching out to me. Shelters asking if I am coming back this year or supporters who are ready for their donations.

My real mission is to find a trailer that my husband and I can gut out, redecorate, and essentially turn into the pamper camper.

I want to be able to bless these women year round instead of just for the holiday season. Yes it feels amazing to open up a bag or a box that specifically for you under the tree Christmas morning. But I want to create a sense of worth for these women year round. I want to create a space where I will travel with my camper and park it out in front of the shelter one time a month to where they could come in to soak their feet, give themselves a pedi, put on a face mask, and feel like they are at a day spa.

So please think about participating in our third annual You’re Worth It Campaign. There are three different options to support this campaign in 2019.

You're Worth It, You’re Worth it Campaign, ,

Sponsor a Full Box for $25

Boxes include fun items like, new quality makeup, pampering goodies, skincare, coffee gift cards, gift certificates to local salons, etc.

You're Worth It, You’re Worth it Campaign, ,

Purchase a Sticker

Vinyl Sticker for your water bottle or car $3 each

You're Worth It, You’re Worth it Campaign, ,

Horizantal Bar Necklace

Made by Spokane Based Mom, Rylee Grace Designs $12 each

You're Worth It, You’re Worth it Campaign, ,

Vertical Bar Necklace

Made by Spokane Based Mom, Rylee Grace Designs $12 each​

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