Guilt Trip



Anti-aging liquid gold face serum that visibly reduces deep wrinkles, worry lines, and age spots.

  • Our ABC Cocktail, which features a blend of A) bakuchiol, a healthier alternative to retinol, B) niacinamide, and C) THD ascorbate, 50% more than traditional amounts. Our high-strength cocktail helps drastically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while increasing firmness and radiance more effectively than other anti-aging ingredients
  • Golden collagenine combines the luxury of precious metals, like platinum and gold, to support better collagen production
  • MVP peptide that delivers a unique and effective boost to collagen to improve the signs of aging
  • Plant based collagen builds firmness and plumps the appearance of skin and boosts elasticity
  • Spanish lavender oil that helps smooth and relax the appearance of deep wrinkles while continually making improvements over time to prevent future sings of aging
  • 4D hyaluronic acid builds a multidimensional network that targets different layers of skin to boost hydration and elasticity
  • Encapsulated moringa seed peptide helps purify the skin from damage-causing free radicals while preventing future signs of aging
  • Powerful brightening ingredients for all skin types and ethnicities help reduce the appearance of age spots and increase luminosity


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