Buzz Peel



Fermented Honey Buzz Peel really works! Not only is it deliciously sweet, but honey is one of the most pampering and soothing ingredients for your skin. This unique body peel is formulated with fermented honey, pomegranate enzymes, and AHAs to peel and collect dead dry skin as you rub it off, no scrubbing required. This process helps resurface your skin and reveals a softer, smoother, sweeter you underneath.

  • Fermented honey is rich in gluconic acid that promotes skin renewal. It is also a strong humectant that draws moisture into skin to keep it soothed, conditioned, and soft. In this formula, the fermented honey acts like glue, catching dead skin cells off the surface
  • Pomegranate enzymes work with AHAs to exfoliate skin, keeping it looking younger and brighter
  • AHAs provide exfoliation to help clear dead skin cells that clog pores, so skin looks younger and feels softer and smoother

Some more amazing info:

  • Uniquely exfoliates dead skin cells without scrubbing; simply massage into skin
  • Resurfaces skin so it feels soft and healthy
  • Promotes skin renewal
  • Locks in moisture
  • Keeps skin looking brighter and younger
  • Great to use before shaving or before using a self-tanner


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