• Magnesium body butter
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    Why magnesium is good for dry Skin

    Fun Facts Lets dive into why magnesium is great for dry skin issues. Here are so me great facts about this mineral. Type of ingredient: Mineral Main benefits: When used in skincare, magnesium reduces acne, calms sensitive skin and rosacea, and improves the skin’s overall appearance. Who should use it: In general, all skin types can benefit from magnesium usage. However, those with oily, acne-prone skin will most likely benefit the most. How often can you use it: Topically, magnesium products can be used daily, preferably at night. If ingested, you should be careful not to exceed 320mg daily. Works well with: Vitamin C Don’t use with: Magnesium absorption-inhibitors, such…

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    You’re Worth it Campaign

    I started the you’re worth it campaign three years ago when I just felt that God was calling me to bless women of the treasure Valley. Growing up my mom always took me to women shelters or soup kitchens to help serve our community. When I started The Pamper Corner I really wanted to make an impact in my community here in the Treasure Valley. So three years ago I decided to make Christmas boxes for women in our local shelters. I know as a woman and as a mom I can be a better version of me when I feel uplifted, empowered, and special. So I really wanted to…

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    Wallowa Lake Adventures

    Wallowa Lake Vacation Tips At the beginning of July the whole family went on another adventure together. This year we decided to skip the long lines and busy cities for a more “get one with nature” type vacation. Now don’t get me wrong we are a camping family. My parents have turned into the glampers with their trailer and amenities. While Tom and I still rough it with tents and buckets to pee in. We decided to do Wallowa Lake because it’s so close to Nampa, ID plus the State of Oregon offers great deals for disabled vets or vets in general for that matter. I actually forget how close…

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    Arthritis Relief

    Its no mystery that I have struggled with RA rheumatoid arthritis since I was diagnosed at the age of 2. I covered this story in a previous blog post but I give you a little recap. I was diagnosed young and had it in over 90% of the joints in my body. My mom was single at the time and was told that I had one of the worse cases they have seen. Because of that the way it was developing I will be in a wheel chair by age 12. Well I proved them wrong! God is a healer and we firmly believed that. Even though I went into…

  • Prime Day Deals

    Its Pamper Day, Get the Scoop on the Deals

    We all know that the famous Prime Days are apon us. Today being the last day to take advantage of all the amazing deals that Amazon has for us. So I have compiled a list of deals from Amazon and my other favorite brands that are also taking advantage of all the people that are glued to the internet today. We are going to call today Pamper Day! Amazon Deals Lets chat about Prime Pantry! I get so many dry goods from Amazon. But right now you get an additional 30% off at checkout. During Prime days I am excited to try to Amazons new coffee. If you know me…

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    Why you need a Face Serum

    We can always blame our genetics when it comes to our skin. But there are powerful ways to help your skin get to the point where you feel confident walking out in public with 0 makeup on. Dont get me wrong, I love make up but as summer is getting warmer and warmer I wear less and less. Mostly because I am out with the kids getting wet at the lake or the water park. But new research shows that some of the redness, tightness, and itchiness sensitive skin often experiences is not actually genetics. Lets dive in and see what a face serum can do for you and your…