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Why Posh?

Helping woman discover that they are worth it is my main jam. I had breakthrough in my self confidence and it’s been liberating. I finally put those negative thoughts about my body in the garbage. I realized that I can only love myself as much as I love myself. I stopped doubting myself and my business. I stopped thinking of what people think about my business. Who cares if it’s a certain industry! What makes me different than the tool salesman? Nothing!! But I’m looked down upon. So I changed my thinking and I changed my tactic. July 18th I attended Posh UNCON in Nashville and I earned a Branding Class with Alison Faulkner and it was confirmation that I was on the right track. I felt uplifted and energized that I knew what I wanted. I came home ready to hit the road running.

I stepped outside my comfort zone and started creating more relationships. I joined a woman’s networking group and I have since successfully collaborated with multiple businesses planting those seeds. People are actually reaching out to me asking me about my business. Asking me to be apart of something they are doing. This is a season of breakthrough and I can’t wait to see where God is going to take us. This isn’t just soap and lotion. This is something bigger! This is a platform for woman to find their self worth. Doors are going to open for us to have our own pampering trailer and I can take the value of self worth on the road and do free pop-Ups. How amazing would it be to go to the woman’s shelter so they can just have a free day of pampering? BECAUSE THEY ARE WORTH IT!

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Whats my Mission?

The Pamper Corner (my boutique name), our mission is helping woman feel loved and find their self worth. We are here to uplift and empower, providing you an avenue to find your self worth and embrace where God has you.

What has Posh done for me?

Not only were we able to pay off CCs and Student loans we have been able to take more vacations. So Posh has created memories for us. Posh pays extra on our vehicle payments so we can pay them off next year and be completely debt free. It pays for our cell phone, bailees school, sports, and dates nights.

Whats in it for you?

You have two options for kits:

  • $30 kit includes $32 worth of business supplies to get you started and a welcome gift.
  • $99 kit includes full sized products, samples to share, business tools, and a welcome gift.

They also include:

  • Free shipping

ALL the info:

  • No Sales Quotas
  • No Website Fees
  • No stock
  • No parties
  • No Cold Calling
  • Get paid 15-40% on your sales from your affiliate link.
, Become a Influencer, The Pamper Corner, The Pamper Corner

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