About Me

I am in the business of helping woman discover that right here, right now is the version of you that you need to love. I want woman to know that they are worth it to take time for themselves and to love themselves. We are all in different seasons in our life but we all need to love those seasons.

I started The Pamper Corner back in 2018 when I realized that how I was talking about myself was effecting my daughter. She was 4 at the time and I never want her to grow up thinking its ok to talk bad about your body. I had a huge awakening and together we wanted to create a platform for woman’s, moms especially to have a support network to love on them. We also wanted to create great ideas for Mom Breaks!

As moms we are constantly giving, giving, giving. You give time to  your family, your friends, your job, and if there’s any time left, you donate it other places, as well. But where is the time for you?

When I share about self care I use a different brands. I love sharing ideas and things that I use for me and my family. Right now I’m loving the products that The Body Shop has sent me. I’m currently obsessed with their Ginger shampoo and scalp cleaner. 

I have many affiliates and please feel free to ask me anything! Check out all my links here and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

My family and I are adventure seekers. We love camping and traveling! We just bought our first travel trailer after 12 years of tent camping. My husband works for the city here in Boise, ID and I work at home as a social Media influencer and manager. 

So follow along with us on The Pamper Corner’s Instagram for all the fun things that we do. 

About Us, About Me, Always Renée
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About Us, About Me, Always Renée
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